About Us

AdMosFear, founded in 2009, but with 25 years of
Russian expertise, is a full service
internationally managed Advertising agency
and marketing communications group.

Based in Moscow, but serving the whole of Russia and the world. For our market we have an unprecedented client-focus and are driven by the business rationale of our clients. Offering marketing strategy, perception management, corporate social responsibility programs, creative services, in-house production, Russification of existing materials and campaigns and in-depth industrial and local market knowledge combined with an ambitious global outlook.

Russia remains a confusing and sometimes frightening market, especially for new entrants, (Fear) - Our approach is born out of the frustrations that a huge proportion of the businesses we encounter report having whilst dealing with the large agencies  and their local satellites. These 'Galacticos' and their proxies come with equally huge overheads and, it is reported, an inability to listen to their clients. As businessmen with several decades of experience of buying advertising, marketing and PR services, we know what not to do.

Our advertising industry experience is from the inside. At our core we have grown up as suppliers to the agencies, we offer our clients direct access, to the people who will execute their wishes, without the overhead baggage enabling us to offer exceptional value for money, surprise free world class quality.